Aug 16, 2012

Village part 2

Francie got a pool from her grandparents but unfortunately it was just a little too overcast and chilly to use it.  Hopefully we'll have more luck this weekend.  It looks like we're going to be spending a lot of weekends out at the house until the cold weather sets in.

Aug 15, 2012

Eat, drink, and make merry

Last Friday we headed out to the countryside to spend the weekend at my in-laws house in the village.  It is the perfect place to do absolutely nothing, for me at least.  We ate (I have probably eaten my weight in bread and tomatoes since we've been back), we drank, and I took a ton of photos.

Bulgarian village life is so fascinating to me because in some ways it feels like you've stepped into a time warp. The pace of life is slower, yet the need to work hard is very apparent.  People in the villages rely on their crops and livestock not only to sustain their families but also to make a living.  All along the roadside you see people sitting with their little stands of fruit, vegetables, homemade wine, and rakia.  Most of them are much older and you have to wonder what will become of these tiny towns once the older generations are gone.  Martin has told me that there are some villages that have only a few residents left today and others are completely empty, abandoned by the younger people who have undoubtedly moved on to the cities and a more modern way of life.

I have so many photos that I'm going to make this into a 2 part post, check back tomorrow for the rest!

Aug 13, 2012

Bulgaria, Act 2

On Thursday, Francie and I arrived back in Bulgaria after a rather uneventful trip.  Two flights, one motion-sick momma, and a busted stroller later*, we landed in Sofia as scheduled.  I couldn't believe our incredible luck to have 2 empty seats next to us on the transatlantic flight, giving us some much needed space to spread out.  Francie proved herself to be a real trooper once again.  This kid, I'll tell ya.  Sometimes she's just too awesome for words.  Despite the fact that she slept a total of 30 minutes for the whole 14+ hour journey, she was in a chipper mood and happy to see Daddy.  And oh how I begged for her to sleep, if only to give me ten more minutes to sit still without providing entertainment.  I took for granted all of those once boring flights during which I was able to listen to several albums, watch several movies, pick my nails, stare out the window, and eat my bland airline meal in it's entirety. It's tough to be on for that many hours non-stop and more than once I might have thought to myself, you owe me, kid.  But there were no major meltdowns or terrible toddler antics.

It has become quite clear that I need to invest in some non-drowsy Dramamine for future plane rides.  I've always been prone to motion sickness, but man, these last two trips it went from bad to worse.  It's never good when you've got your kid on your lap and you have to pull out the handy barf bag just in case only to illicit the heavy sighs and mumbled "oh no's" of the guy one seat over.  I was thankfully able to keep it together, or keep it in, as it were.

We're all unpacked now and settling in after a lovely weekend spent out in the village.  Photos of that to come soon. Here's to hoping we fall into a new routine easily.

*Thanks Fraport or Swissport or whoever the freck is responsible for breaking the wheels right off of our umbrella stroller and then trying to tell me that it was like that when you put it on the plane in Germany. Right. Sure. Because that would definitely be the case.

Aug 3, 2012

So it begins

Today was a kind of a big deal.  We took the next step in our journey.  I sent out the initial packet for the immigration process for Martin, the I-130.  A weight lifted off of our shoulders; step 1: complete.  Weeks worth of assembling and agonizing and international mail with delivery confirmation and monies spent on photocopies and color copies and fine point pens and passport sized photos.  It culminated today at the USPS and I could not be happier.  And so begins the waiting game.

Many people assume that when you marry a US citizen, you are immediately embraced by the powers that be and handed a golden ticket, or in this case a green one.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  The road to citizenship can be a long one.  There are forms to be filled, documents to be signed and submitted, and years worth of love to be laid bare for some stranger in an office to review.

We are ready for the next phase, for the things that lie ahead.  It's so exciting, and so relieving, even though this is just the very first step.  In time, we'll reach the destination. 


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