Jul 25, 2012




2 weeks is all we've got left here in Pennsylvania. I first left home, my hometown, my state, in 2005. I've been coming and going for almost 7 years now  It never gets easier, although that's not to say that it gets harder. But it is hard to say goodbye to what's comfortable; it's hard to say goodbye to family and not know when you'll see them again. Packing suitcases and deciding what comes and what stays, what is needed and what is wanted, what can be found there and what you can manage without. But it's a choice that I make, time and time again. To come, and to go.

Jul 20, 2012

Right here, right now

Watching: Since I have very little time left to enjoy it, I'm watching shows on Hulu.  Catching up on the Real Housewives, HGTV, and Teen Mom.  I am really going to miss access to reality tv, it's my (not so) guilty pleasure!

Eating: It's getting to be about that time for me to binge on my most favorite goodies that can only be properly had when I'm here in Philly like soft pretzels, gelatis (water ice+soft serve ice cream, fyi), and of course my beloved buffalo chicken cheesesteaks.  Although I do have a lot of good stuff to look forward to in Bulgaria like all of those fresh salads, baked peppers dripping with olive oil, and basically anything that my mother in law or husband makes.  I sense a 5-10 pound weight gain in my future...

Wishing: That this heat would ease up. It's no fun trying to entertain a toddler during a heatwave, no fun at all.  There's only so many episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba that a person over the age of 5 can take, ya know?

Anticipating: Our flight back to Bulgaria. I'm trying not to get psyched out worrying about how Francie will handle it. She is a much different child now than the one that arrived 3 months ago.  Can you say tantrums? More like mini hissy fits, but still.  I'm just hoping I can gather all of my strength and make this as pleasant a 15 hour journey as it can be. I found a four leaf clover the other day so maybe luck is on my side?  We shall see.

Jul 18, 2012


I was going through some of my photos last night and I came across this one, taken in Nessebar in 2009. I don't know these little girls, but it was just such a sweet moment that I wanted to capture it:

 Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.  -Camus

Jul 16, 2012

Just beachy

Well, I managed to make it down the shore again for a 3rd and final time this summer.  Last weekend we had another heatwave (maybe the 5th one this year?) so we didn't actually make it to the beach during the day but instead opted for the pool and the lake. Just the thought of parking blocks away and trekking onto the burning hot sand with a ton of gear, only to be overcome by the blazing sun and pack it in after an hour was enough to keep us away. It was the perfect weekend of sunshine, pizza, lifetime movies, and custard castle with my dear friend Keri and miss Francie pants. Until next summer...

      Big floppy hat bought in the Yukon 4 years ago and worn for the very first time that day. Finally.


                                                                   Temperature risin'




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