Feb 28, 2012


It's getting to be that time of year again- the time when all the seasonal workers are preparing to head up to Alaska for an incredible summer.  I know I've mentioned it before, but it is so true that I have left a piece of my heart up in Skagway.  I can't think of any place more magical than the mountains of Alaska and the streets of that little town.  It will always be like home to me.  I often daydream about the future, taking Francie to Skagway and sharing in that magic with her.  Someday...someday.

Feb 26, 2012

Quirks of a Bi-cultural Marriage

One of the weirdest things about being married to a foreigner is the lack of shared history in regards to pop culture.  Not only was my husband born in a communist country, he also happens to be several years younger than me.  That pretty much doubles the chances that we just won't have the same nostalgic attachments. (FYI- Bulgaria is not communist anymore).

This isn't a big deal obviously (or we wouldn't be married), but it is always surprising for me and sometimes a little annoying.  I'm a pop culture junkie, especially when it comes to things from my childhood- I'm an 80s movie lover.  My family will tell you that I am always busting out random quotes from movies.  Martin, on the other hand, considers anything made before the mid 90's to be "old" and mostly unworthy of watching.  A typical conversation goes something like this:

Me: Have you seen Willy Wonka?  I mean, the original one?

Martin: I don't even know who that is.

Aaaand... I'm left shaking my head and wondering who the heck I married.

Well, no- seriously, it's not that bad.  Actually it isn't such a terrible thing because it means that I get to introduce him to all of these "new" things.  One of the first movies that I made him watch was the Labyrinth.  It is my all time favorite.  If you don't appreciate Labyrinth, we probably won't be friends. (Ok, not really, but still!)  I was so happy when I got him to watch Pee Wee's Big Adventure with me and not only did he enjoy it, but he also laughed out loud sometimes!  Now he knows Pee Wee and he usually gets my quotes and references.

It's just one of the quirks of being married to someone who was born and raised in another culture.  Yes, the differences are many, but the similarities are always a pleasant surprise.  And anytime I can share my deep love for muppets in a maze and David Bowie in tights with someone and still be respected, that's definitely a great thing.

Feb 16, 2012

How to remove your photos from Google image search

I just wanted to share this little tip in case you don't like your blog photos showing up on Google image searches.  It's pretty simple, all you need to do is add a piece of code to your template.  From your blogger dashboard, go to:

You should know that for images that are already cached, from what I understand they will continue to show up in an image search.  I honestly know so very little about html, meta tags, caching, etc. but after an incident today I sought out some info on what I could do to gain some peace of mind.

This all came about because of some traffic lately from image searches that are just not sitting well with me.  Yes, I know, if I don't want people to see my pics, then don't put them online!  I'm fine with sharing photos but when I see in my traffic sources that someone has been searching terms that make my skin crawl and a completely unrelated photo from my blog pops up, it kind of ruins my day.  This is my family blog and I do want to take some steps to protect it.  So unfortunately, I've decided I have to take this route, at least for the time being.

I hope maybe this helps someone else out there.  If you have any other suggestions, ideas, thoughts- please leave me a comment!

For more info, see 1, 2, 3.

Feb 7, 2012


In May it will be 3 years.  3 years since I saw your face and held your hand, since we exchanged I love yous.
I'm supposed to get to that place where I can think of you and smile and feel happiness in my heart, where I see you as you were when you were healthy.  But I'm not there yet.  I think of you and I blink back the tears, I fight the urge to turn into a puddle.

Almost 3 years ago, that evil thief took you from us.  I don't want to think of cancer every time I think of you. Cancer stole our time, I don't want it to steal my happy thoughts and memories.  I don't want to be consumed by grief and I know that you wouldn't want that either.

Grieving is a tangled process.  There's no right way to do it, no clear path to closure, to comfort.  I am not completely comforted by my memories because I miss you too much.

Francie will never get the chance to ask you about baseball, to see you laugh until you cry while watching the Honeymooners and The Three Stooges, to hear you sing Dire Straits and Pink Floyd, to get a chapstick-coated kiss, to see your eyes light up on Christmas morning, to call you PopPop.  It's not fair and it breaks my heart.  I know that you would have loved nothing more than to be a proud grandpa.

I miss you and I love you so much.  It hurts that you aren't here and nothing and no one will ever fill the void.  But I'm working on getting to that place of acceptance and peace.  I'm working on thinking of you and smiling without crying, on quieting the voice inside that says "it's not fair, it's not fair, please let this not be true"  Someday I'll get there.

Happy Birthday, Dad.  You would have been 61 today and proudly wearing a "World's Greatest PopPop" hat, I'm sure of it.

Feb 6, 2012

Sunny Side Up

I've become a morning person. It's actually my favorite time of the day. I love waking up to that gorgeous little face, even if she gave us a hard time the night before.  

Feb 4, 2012

Currently and a self portrait.

I'm linking up with The Paper Mama for her self photo challenge.

Currently I am:

Obsessing over...
Finding new music to enjoy.  Any suggestions?  And Portlandia, Fred and Carrie's caricatures are just spot on and hilarious, I love it.

Working on...
Finding motivation for things.

Thinking about...
Francie and I's trip home in April, a 15 hour journey alone with my baby!  I'm nervous.  And possibly getting a part time job while I'm in the states.

Spring and warm weather!  Once March rolls around we'll be busier.  We have Martin's 25th birthday, then Francie's 1st, then Francie and I fly home to Philly for awhile.  I'm really looking forward to seeing my family.

Listening to...
The Capitol Years album "Here Comes the Son" on my ipod.

I'm about to have a late afternoon coffee and a chocolate cream-filled croissant. yum!

That it would get warm so we could spend time outdoors.  That I could buy tickets to see Wilco in Paris or  that Wilco would play a show in Philly when I'm home.  I'll just have to keep wishing!

Feb 3, 2012

House Arrest

Some days it can feel like I'm under house arrest.  It is bitterly freakin cold out, there is no where to go and nothing to do.  It's been snowing on and off for a few weeks and it is frozen as the dickens in Eastern Europe at the moment.  Perhaps you heard it described on the news as the "death grip"?  It's every bit as pleasant as it sounds.

The sidewalks and streets are coated so thick with layers of ice and snow that they're better suited for a pair of ice skates than boots and stroller wheels.  So we've been stuck indoors, hibernating.  Waiting and waiting and waiting for Spring, for the thaw.

I don't do winters, plain and simple.  Me and cold don't get along too well.  I'm going stir crazy.  I'm pretty sure that even the baby is suffering from cabin fever.  When we did get out to the store a couple days ago she was literally singing with joy.

But that's life right now.  Life behind four walls, life seemingly on hold.  We wait for warmer days...

Yes, please!


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