Jun 8, 2012

Heavy Rotation

I'm really loving Spotify for finding and listening to music these days.  My ipod selection gets a little stale from time to time and I can't afford to buy new albums too often so it's nice being able to listen to things for free (legally) right on my laptop.  I thought it would be fun to compile a list every so often of what it is that I'm really into at the moment.  Here's what has been on heavy rotation on my playlist for the past week or so:

The Walkmen, Heaven
I have no idea how I have never listened to the Walkmen before because they are right up my alley.  I saw this on the new release section on Spotify, gave it a listen, and I am hooked!  Songs that you can really get into and dance and sing along to, reminds me a bit of Tapes n' Tapes.

Jack White, Blunderbuss
Once upon a time, I listened to the White Stripes quite a bit.  I almost didn't give this album a chance because that was so long ago, but I'm glad I did.  Very upbeat tracks, same sound as the White Stripes.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Here
So their debut album came out a few years ago and apparently a few of the tracks have been on commercials but I had never heard of them.  Started listening a couple weeks ago and just this week they released a new album.  It's taking me a bit to warm up to the new tracks, but they are growing on me.

Have any music suggestions for me?  I'm always up for recommendations!

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