Jun 30, 2011

Fourth of July, Skagway Style

  After spending the last 3 summers in Skagway, I found it to be quite an adjustment to be staying put in Philly when May came.  Baby or not, I had already made up my mind after last season that I wouldn't be returning this year.  I needed a break.  But that doesn't mean that I haven't been missing it and all of its magical charm.  There is just something about Alaska, and Skagway in particular, that gets inside of you and keeps calling you back.  I know many of the friends I met up there feel similarly.  It's probably why so many people return summer after summer.  The money that you can make doesn't hurt either. 
  Fourth of July in Skagway is always a good time.  The city puts on a great fireworks show over the Lynn canal and on the morning of the Fourth the annual parade marches up and down Broadway.  Tourists, seasonal workers, townsfolk, and even Canadians all line the street to watch the floats go by and dive after free candy.

This year I'll be celebrating with family after so many years away.  Francie is too young to enjoy popsicles and burgers and too scared of loud noises to appreciate the beauty of fireworks but I'm so happy that we'll be here in the states for her first Fourth of July.


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