Sep 8, 2011

Thrifting in Bulgaria

Thrift shopping is something I've always enjoyed, whether it be for clothes, books, tchotchkes, you name it.  I wasn't too sure what, if any, thrift stores Sofia had to offer so I was resigning myself to the fact that my thrifting days might have to come to an end while I'm here.  But as luck would have it, we happen to live a 2 minute walk from a second hand clothes store. 
 I ventured in there with high hopes of finding some items worthy of joining my wardrobe.  I hoped maybe, with this being Europe and all, that I could find some designer gems among the castaways.  Ummm, no.  This is Bulgaria, lets get real- most people here probably do not have the budget for designer duds and if they do then they're probably not tossing it off to the Maxx Market.  What I did find was rack after rack of familiar labels like Old Navy and H&M.  (On a related note- H&M is set to open it's first location in Bulgaria next spring-woo hoo!)
The only thing I found to be really unusual about the store was that the clothes are not tagged- you pay by the kilo or per item, whichever is cheaper.  There was actually a scale in the middle of the store where you could weigh your finds and see the total price.  The prices vary by day.  New merchandise comes in every Wednesday, hence Wednesday is the most expensive day and Tuesday is the cheapest.  I just so happened to be shopping on a Tuesday- score!  I ended up settling on one sweater and on my way to the cashier I found a tank top that was calling my name.  The tank top was so light that it didn't even register on the scale so I pretty much got it for free.  I paid 4 levs for 2 shirts so I'd say my first thrifting experience in Bulgaria was a success.  The only downside is that this store doesn't sell any housewares or books, but no worries- on the walk home we passed by a pensioner with a table of used books set up on the sidewalk.  There's always those random sidewalk sales to look forward to. 


  1. The outside of the store is adorable ! I  think from what I can recall from Morocco that people are more handme down or they keep it forever  ! I am sure you know tnat in Europe and other parts people have far fewer clothes however they may have nicer pieces ! I love the kilo idea who knows maybe you will find something. In Morocco they had outdoor markets do you guys have those at all ? 

  2. Lauen,some familes are bluebloods, we have thrifting blood! Mom-Mom Palmer is 'am sure smiling down on you as you continue to seek out bargins even in Bulgaria. You did'nt say, didyou find any good books?
                                                                                                              Lov, Aunt Maureen

  3. Ah, this takes me back to Village Thrift Sundays! Those were the days.

  4. PS: 3 posts in a row with no Francesca ... make with the baby pics! ; )



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